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To say that Jann’s massage is simply a post care treatment is really an understatement. She is truly a healing angel. Anyone who is suffering from after lipo discomfort will not only find relief from pain, but a also a friend who is genuinely there to help you. My hat’s off to Jann. Thank you . 

Lawyer Stay from East Coast 





Wonderful service, I feel so relieved after the post care massage! I had so much problem trying to move a few days after my surgery but luckily the doctor referred me to Jannifer and she was such a great help. Her massage is very soothing and makes me want to sleep everytime I go for her sessions. After she is done, I feel my body is gradually less stiff and I can move much better. Thanks, Jannifer. You have made my day.

A Business Owner Stay from Tanjong Pagar    






The day came when I met Jann for the first time. I was expecting the massage to be painful given the state I was in but to my surprise, it was really comfortable and I nearly fell asleep! She used her special technique on me and I actually had to pee a couple of times during the session. I can feel that my body was expelling the water and I felt much lighter after the first session. I was convinced and had to booked Jann for the next couple of sessions. 5 days later, my bruising was almost gone and I could see my tummy shape coming out and the hard lumps were getting softer and minimized.................








My first visit to Jan’s Lipo Care session was a pleasant and educative one. As I was doubtful and slightly depressed about the lumps in my arms, she assured me that this is only temporary and she would be able to remove those lumps and indentations with her lipocare technique – note that it is not a deep tissue massage, her massage is a technique which enable de-swelling at the initial phase after liposuction operation. The second stage, is about fixing the lumps and you don’t feel any pain at all. Therefore, you can expect final good results without indentation, or uneven-ness, which is totally worth for the value for the service I pay...............









I can’t walk around too much because my legs get sore and swell up easily, and for someone like me that walked alot everyday, it’s a restrain for me.


The swelling goes on for about 3-6months, I stopped massaging my thighs after 2months because I’m really tired. I get swelling every now and then, and my legs get so stiff and heavy, I don’t even feel like walking. I got really depressed because they looked huge and ugly. it’s only recently like maybe 1-2months ago, I decided to seek help. I remembered I once read somewhere about POST LIPO CARE so I googled that, and read that there is this Jennifer who does Post Lipo massage.



But I really want to emphasize that POST LIPO CARE is very important if you want to go for liposuction! This is the kind of money that you don’t want to save.












Just to share from my personal experience, you should go for lymphatic drainage massage as part of post-lipo care.I found a special therapist, Ms Jannifer, who was recommended by another CozyCotter and I approached her for help. My bruises, swelling and hard lumps went down very quickly and it really helped to bring out my post-op shape.






“Just FYI – i start my massage as early as 2nd or 3rd dayt post-session. The stitches were not even removed, but soooo much trapped fluids were removed within those 1st few sessions – such a relived! This masseur is based in Far East Shpg ctr as well – so it was literally a ‘go to doc to remove stitches’ then ‘go for massage’ .. Did you go to the other one at Tg Pagar or something?? As far as i know, there’s only 1 masseur skilled in post-lipo msg. I was given her contact by the nurses in TLC/Reves.”






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